S’moreos tonight at 6 pm!

Yes, this is happening tonight at 6 PM at the Valleybound – Antonito School & Community Garden. S’MOREOS! Come join us for some harvesting, storytelling, weeding and fun around the fire!


We’ve got a fire pit! Woot, woot!

Thanks to everyone who came out to help tonight at our weekly garden session. We had some issues with the water, but everyone came together and we got everything watered through a combination of wells and buckets. It really is amazing to see what can happen when everyone works together.

We even got our fire pit dug tonight, so we’ll be sure to have a fire next week with s’mores for all who come out! I can’t wait!

The aspens have a new haircut now and are looking fabulous, and the baby trees in the driveway are nice and protected and supported as well. Great work, team!

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From Seoul to Berlin

It’s been a week since I got back from my trip to South Korea. Mr. Jet Lag came for a visit for a few days but has finally said goodbye. I think that’s the only disadvantage to traveling. Well, then again, I guess the other tough bit is leaving pieces of your heart all over the place, but that’s another story for another day.

I spent the weekend in Berlin with a dear friend of mine and managed to swing by Pinke Panke, a really neat children’s farm there. It’s really inspiring seeing so many projects like this around Germany. Each one is so unique, which makes me want to hurry up and see what my whole vision is going to look like! 🙂


Here’s a house that the children built. Isn’t that impressive!?


Every farm that I’ve visited has had a fire pit. That’s definitely a must. I mean, who doesn’t like s’mores and Stockbrot?


I’m sure those busy bees love these lovely flowers and nasturtiums! Nasturtiums are so delicious!



Some type of oven is something I’ve seen on all of the farms as well. Who’s up for some delicious homemade breads?


I’ll be heading to Verden next week to visit another farm there as well. Stay tuned! 😀