Only 10 days left…Can you help us out?

We’ve got 10 days and counting to win the $600 People’s Choice Award for our garden program! All we’ve got to do is be the garden with the most amount of supporters by December 16th!

Right now we are in 3rd place, so we need your help! Can you help us out with $10 to meet our goal of having the most amount of supporters in 10 days? This is an investment you are making in our children, youth and community as a whole.

If you can help us out, please click on this link and donate online: I support Valleybound!

Photo Credit: Joe Mahoney


After many hours of grant applications, I’m proud to say that we’ve received all three of the grants that have been applied for so far. I am so thankful for the generous support that we’re receiving from these organizations. Most of all, I love that people believe in us, in our community, in Antonito and its potential. I can’t wait for our community planning meeting tomorrow evening – it’ll be wonderful to see what everyone wants this exciting space to become! So, before I forget to say what I had originally planned to say with this blog post….

Thank you, Kitchen Gardeners International!

We are extremely grateful for your support of our new initiative!