Can you help us out? $400 in 30 days for a $400 match!

Dear friends,

We hope this note finds you well. We’ve got a quick ask of you. Can you help us raise $400 in the next 30 days for Valleybound, the Antonito School & Community Garden? If we are one of the first 75 gardens to raise $400, we will automatically receive a match of $400!

top of shedWe are in desperate need of this money to repair our tool shed. Our current tool shed is in disrepair. We have a tarp on the rotting roof that is partially holding the water out, on top of which we also have planks and tires to hold the tarp down. Now for the winter, we have all of the tools gathered together under another tarp to keep them dry. This money will bring us one step closer to our goal.

Can you help us out? If so, you can donate here: Seed Money Campaign

Thank you so much for your continued support! Would you also consider forwarding this email onto your friends and families who might also be able to lend us a hand?

Muchas gracias!
Your friends at Valleybound

Listen to our interview on KRZA, our local community radio!

Tune in to KRZA – 88.7 FM tomorrow (April 17th) at 8 AM for our interview about the amazingly beautiful things we’re up to down here in Antonito! You can also listen online here: KRZA.

A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible. (Welsh Proverb)

Good morning!

Here’s just a quick shout out to Project Learning Tree and the Colorado State Forest Service. We received confirmation yesterday that we are being awarded 200 shrubs and trees for our school and community garden! The trees and shrubs can be planted anywhere in our community as long as education is involved. Who’s ready for some tree planing in early May?

Here’s a taste of what we’ll be receiving:

Manchurian Apricot, Buffaloberry, Sand Cherry, Chokecherry, Narrowleaf Cottonwood, Golden Currant, Wax Currant, Lilac, Native Plum, Siberian Elm, Colorado Blue Spruce, Pinon Pine and Rocky Mountain Juniper

Please contact us if you’re interested in having one of these species planted by students on your property!

Have a fabulous day! 🙂