How do we get there?

By creating an edible schoolyard/community garden that serves to educate both children and adults alike, creating a space that initiates a community dialogue focused on healthy living. The harvest remains in the community, providing school meals and community gatherings with local organic produce. Adult community members have the opportunity to volunteer, supplying the garden with their expertise and experience. This hands-on environment provides a space for language learning based on existing language farm concepts in Germany.

And by creating an educational farm that supplements existing activities at the edible schoolyard/community garden. This space provides economic opportunity for community members, utilizing a regional marketing platform for local farmers, artists and business owners. People with disabilities have the opportunity for employment. Volunteers from near and far are always welcome to help out and are provided with accommodation. An exploratory playground (based on the German concept of Aktivspielplaetze) provides a realm in which children can explore the wonders of their physical world. Storytelling Sundays provide a space for community members to share stories, creating a unique archive for future generations. Workshops are held on a regular basis, addressing issues such as diabetes, obesity, native foods, environmental protection, etc. Additional projects include: beekeeping, cheese-making, baking and adobe production.

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