The Artist’s Holiday Wish List

It can be hard to find inspiration for the perfect gift, especially if you’ve got an extra special person in your life who dabbles in the arts from time to time. But never fear, here are a few ideas on what the creative soul might have on his or her wish list this holiday season.

1. Adult coloring books. These allow you to unleash your inner child and are all the rave. The creative type will have endless fun coloring in the vast and difficult designs in any funny themed book. Don’t forget to get them the proper thin point utensils to use as well.
2. Art supplies. You can’t go wrong with sketchbooks, brushes, paints, pencils, or an easel.
3. Coffee or tea. Keep them fueled and inspired at their favorite coffee shop or get bags of beans and mugs they can use at home or on the go.
4. Music subscription. Gift them with a Spotify or Pandora subscription so they can listen to music endlessly and without commercials while they work on their artistic passion.
5. Photoshop. No matter the skill set, every photographer can benefit from a top notch editing software program like Photoshop. Thought it’s quite the investment, it will vastly change the quality of their photographs for the better.
6. Sewing supplies. If they’re a beginner, perhaps a sewing machine will be just the right thing to get them started. However, new needles and yarn to knit with are also helpful supplies to have handy.
7. Art. Go digging around your local art shops for a unique framed piece or cool coffee table book that will be the perfect addition to their collection.
8. Audiobook subscription. If they’re always on the go but looking for a good read to inspire them, a subscription to audibles would allow them to listen while they drive or do chores around the house.
9. Beeswax products. Whether it’s lip balm, lotion, candles, salves or even wood polish, consider putting together a basket of items made from local bees for your loved one. According to the Joybilee Farm, “beeswax is the only naturally occurring wax,” and you’d be surprised how many “things you can make with beeswax that can replace many of the toxic commercial products you may now be buying.”
10. Gardening supplies. Succulents make the perfect house plant and present, but beautifully painted pots for plants, or seeds, birdhouses, and garden signs are also thoughtful additions to any gardener’s sanctuary. HGTV also recommends garden stones as, “They’ll bring a decorative touch whether used to accent a garden landscape, create a garden pathway—or even artfully displayed along a patio or porch wall.”
11. A ukulele. Few things are more joyous than a new musical instrument one can learn to play and then share with others. Here’s a list of some of the best ukuleles you can buy.
12. Gift card. Give them the opportunity to pick out their own supplies at their favorite craft store, or purchase an airline certificate so they can travel somewhere they’ve always wanted to.
13. Lessons. Whether they’re into dance, photography, poetry, drawing, or pottery, gift them with a class so they can pick up a new skill or finally pursue a long lost hobby.
14. A Website. Give them the opportunity to share their work with the world by purchasing a domain name and or website hosting subscription. Opt for a user friendly program so they can easily design it themselves.

Consider also filling their stocking with things like cordless headphones, statement rings or bracelets, journals, a new phone case, concert tickets, fun socks and even stickers. No matter the gift, if it’s laced with an ounce of creativity and thought, your artsy loved one is sure to enjoy it.

Article by: Maria Cannon

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