Tips for a Weekend of Fall Yard Work and Gardening

Fall is suddenly upon us and you must act quickly in order to preserve the lawn hiding under the leaves, as well as all of your handiwork in the garden. Why not get the whole family together and knock it out in a single weekend?
Here’s what you need to do in order to transition your landscape in just a couple of days.
1. Mow your lawn one last time. But before you do, decide what to do with your leaves. You can either mow over them and use them as a natural fertilizer, or have the kids rake them up and turn them into compost for your garden.
2. Next you’ll need to aerate the lawn by poking holes so that it can breathe and receive all the nutrients it needs to survive the winter. This means that if you went with raking the leaves, you’ll need to pick up and spread a fertilizer over the lawn. Also consider over seeding your grass so that any bare spots are filled in
3. Clean the gutters. Use a ladder to climb up and clear the gutters of twigs and debris that have piled up from all those summer storms. This ensures they can bear the load if a heavy winter comes your way.
4. Empty and stow away all your hoses so they are safe from freezing temperatures.
Consider gathering the whole neighborhood and help each other with your lawns. Soon everyone’s yard will look tidy and you can celebrate with a BBQ or block party.
Set out to work on the garden one last time before spring so that later you can kick back and enjoy Sunday night football.
1. Check the Farmer’s Almanac to help you decide what to plant. The DIY Network says that fall is “the best time of year to plant any tree and /or shrub,” because “the soil is still warm enough for roots to actively grow and yet the demand on foliage growth is waning.” Vegetables are also a popular cool season planting choice that will provide you with fresh nutrients.
2. Now that most of the pants have become dormant, be sure to dig up any bulbs or store any tropical plants that won’t survive the temperature drops. You can also move and re-pot your plants as you see fit.
3. According to Popular Mechanics, you should “avoiding pruning in the fall” as it “helps protect the plants as they head into winter.”
4. Spread mulch or leaf compost in the beds of your garden to keep the soil warm throughout the colder months to come.
One weekend is probably all that you need to get your lawn and garden prepped and cold-weather ready. Remember, taking the time for maintenance before colder temps arrive ensures you’ll be able to hit the ground running come spring.


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